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A "2D car-combat retro shooter scifi game" with rogue-like elements.

Carsteroids is a challenging top-down shooter where the protagonist will need to win the final prize for getting out from his sudden troubles.
Inspired by the 90's arcade machines and the 16-bit era machines, the game is concentrated on the player's skills to win the impossible tournament and to proceed with the story:
- - - - -
418 years after our planet's death the man entered into its darkest age...
The asteroid belt was the final frontier for the search of the resources. Now, it is the biggest spaceport ever known, the asteroids are almost drained and the inhabitants are raging civil war for the independence from the Earth dominion.
The governor of Vesta created a combat game show to avoid the war, the game was called Carsteroids:

"We have the greatest show in the Solar System! Are you looking for glory? Money? Are you smuggling some goods? Are you seeking for revenge? Maybe you are a slave with no choices, so fight for freedom! Or simply wanna have fun? Make your own destiny in the Carsteroids arenas!"

- 60 fps
- single player story mode
- challenge mode
- multiplayer fun (versus mode, co-op mode, capture the flag mode)
- random arenas and crazy enemies
- fast and challenging old school car combat
- powerups!
- loot and collect items
- unlockables
- bonus levels
- hidden areas
- keyboard/gamepad control
... and more!!
[version 0.99L]

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NOTE: The game is a WORK IN PROGRESS - Please make sure that your PC is webGL compatible and browser writing permissions are enabled.

Install instructions

NOTE: The game is a WORK IN PROGRESS - Please make sure that your PC is webGL compatible and browser writing permissions are enabled.


Carsteroids demo 65 MB


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The 2 levels gameplay demo is finally ready!!

I hope you'll enjoy it and send some feedback.

thanks :)

0.99L Alpha - AI+

Hi! during these days (and nights!) I'm working to improve the gameplay experience, the atmosphere and the fun!

The new Carsteroids alpha is featuring:

  • improved collisions
  • improved enemy's artificial intelligence
  • a new music track
  • new special effects!
  • a brand new artwork
  • more enemy skins

And I am really close to release a 2 levels demo, hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for following and supporting my work and my vision!

0.99 Alpha - The Rush

I know, I was going very slow, but not anymore. Now it's time to rush!

The new Carsteroids alpha is featuring:

  • A new challenging alternative level.
  • A second bonus level.
  • Improved AI.
  • A BBS (bulletin board system).
  • One more boss.
  • New shopkeepers!
  • More enemy models and skins.
  • Music!
  • An introduction to the story.
  • Cutscenes.
  • Full gamepad control support.
  • Some graphic tunings.
  • Statistics.
  • Bugfixes (as usual!).
  • Minor additions.

...and finally you can see some gameplay videos and a trailer!!

0.97 Alpha - The circle is (almost) complete!

Carsteroids has (for now) 15 levels, 3 bosses, more enemies, more vehicle upgrades and a lot of new things.

Here some of the new features:

  • New scrolling effect (added a parallax level for a deepest arena combat!).
  • Added a bonus level (buy the ticket in the shop or find somewhere and start making money).
  • Improved AI (and your enemies are more powerful as you proceed through the game).
  • Updated items price for a better shopping experience.
  • Added two new challenging boss fights.
  • New backgrounds.
  • Now you can find random crates to open and get the surprise.
  • New bonus loot items to pick up and enjoy.
  • New enemy models and new skins.
  • New sparkling particle effect.
  • Added sound effects (finally!!).
  • Balanced difficulty (but it's still so hard...).
  • Optimized performance to keep 60FPS on older systems.
  • Bugfixes (always too many bugs!).