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A 2D car-combat shooter with rogue-lite elements.

Carsteroids is a challenging top-down shooter set in a dark future. 

In the past, humanity colonised the asteroids to extract resources. Now, that place is a set for a violent car-combat game show, where all the pilots and the fighters gather to find their fortune. 

Story Mode
Select your pilot and make your way through 15 randomly generated stages and beat the 3 champions that awaits you. Multiply your score to earn money and power-up your car in the shop. Face each pilot's final stage and complete their unique mission.

Arcade Mode
Beat 20 stages alone or co-op with a friend. Select your power-up after each wave and challenge the huge Spider-Tank!

Versus Mode
One ball, two force fields, two cars. Play versus a friend or the CPU. Please don't rage quit.

Inspired by the "'90s 16-bit era machines" and the "arcade machines", the game is concentrated on the player's skills to win the impossible tournament and to proceed with the story.


- 60 fps
- Story mode
- Arcade mode
- Multiplayer fun (Versus & Co-op mode)
- Random stages and crazy enemies
- Fast and challenging old school car-combat
- Different weapons and power-ups
- Loot sexy collectables
- Unlockables
- Bonus levels
- Hidden areas
- Boss fights!
- Keyboard or full gamepad controls
+ more!!

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